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[movies]USS Nautilus General Dynamics - General Dynamics
Shows the launch and initial operations of the world's first nuclear powered submarine, the USS Nautilus SSN-571. President Harry S. Truman attends the launch ceremony. Hyman Rickover, the father of the nuclear submarine fleet, is also visible. Also featured is footage of the launch of USS Seawolf SSN-575 at the General Dynamics shipyard. This submarine used a sodium cooled reactor, which was not a successful design...
Keywords: Educational film
Downloads: 352
[movies]Underwater Photography - Franklin Institute
Details the work of John Fenjohn, who invented a series of cameras for use in the underwater world. Film features footage of the Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs), now known as the SEALs, conducting operations off of the submarine USS Quillback (SS-424). Also shows various developments in diving, including the use of the miniature depth gauge, SCUBA apparatus, and submarine air lock. Hosted by Commander Francis Douglas Fane, a former UDT...
Keywords: Educational film
Downloads: 696
[movies]Our Totem is the Raven
Educational film.
Keywords: native americans; educational film
Downloads: 5,041 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[movies]Coast Guard On Foreign Shores - U.S. Coast Guard
The Coast Guard played an important role in the Allied victory in WWII. Coast Guardsmen manned nearly every type of support vessel for the Navy, and went into harm's way not only in the battle against the U-boats, but at every amphibious landing from North Africa to Sicily, Italy to D-Day, Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Luzon, Okinawa and Iwo Jima. This film shows the role of the Coast Guard, and features terrific footage of many of the battles in which USCG ships and men participated...
Keywords: Coast Guard educational film
Downloads: 573
[movies]USCG Convoy WWII - U.S. Coast Guard
Made during WWII, this color film shows the men of the Coast Guard in operation in the Atlantic. Guardsmen man and command various support vessels and transports. Their cutters serve as Navy warships. Anti-submarine patrol is an important duty, and we see PBY flying boats, cutters and destroyers fending off enemy subs. As a seaborne invasion nears, USCG personnel and the men of the Merchant Marine rush men and supplies to the beach in LCIs and LSTs...
Keywords: Coast Guard educational film
Downloads: 2,059
[movies]Glass Houses - Nolan, Wilton and Wooten
Reveals the complex social problem of drug abuse as people of various ages, races, occupations and economic levels share their experiences with prescription, patent and illegal drugs.
Keywords: 16mm; educational film
Downloads: 53
[movies]Identifying Speech Disorders: Articulation Disorders
"A series of interviews with subjects displaying misarticulation. Offers examples of difficulties with various sound elements, which result in apparent omitting, replacing, or slurring of speech sounds, and discusses possible causes of articulation problems--physical abnormalities, poor speech models, and hearing loss."From 16mm film
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 9
[movies]Kevin - Malcolm Tarlofsky, Churchill Films
A view of a ten-year-old blind boy who, through his introspective conversation and his actions, tells how he perceives his world. He explains his longing to be like other boys, his great desire to learn, and his hope that one day he may be able to see.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 29
[movies]Freedom of the Seas - U.S. Navy
While the Battle of the Atlantic that took place during WWII is well known, the struggle to get troops, man and supplies to Europe from the USA during World War I was also momentous. German U-boats took a frightening toll on American ships, and their brazen raids are in fact one of the key reasons America declared war on Germany and its allies. This film is a short portrait of the struggle, showing how lookouts, convoys, and new weapons such as the depth-charge-firing "Y gun" were used to sink U...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 650
[movies]Tutankhamun: The Immortal Pharoah - University of Houston, KUHT Film Productions
"Uses still photographs in presenting a brief history of the Tutankhamun treasures. Provides a view of the site of the tomb and scenes of the excavation. Includes a detailed examination of each item in the display of Tutankhamun treasures in Houston's Museum of Fine Arts."
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 93
[texts]Film Victoria Bill Second Reading Speech - The Honourable Norman Lacy MP
The Second Reading Speech of the Film Victoria Bill that created a new statutory authority to be responsible for all government activities related to the production and distribution of film in Victoria (Australia). The new organisation was established by amalgamating the Victorian Film Corporation, the State Film Centre and the Audio Visual Resources Branch of the Education Department. the speech was made in the Legislative Assembly of the Victorian Parliament on 6th October 1981.
Keywords: film; children's television; educational film
Downloads: 57
[movies]The Media Center in Action - Coronet Instructional Films
Shows how modern media centers work with schools to help teachers make the best use of media.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 30
[movies]The Food Platform - Directions Unlimited Film Corporation.; Pyramid Films, inc.
An open - ended film which presents basic concepts of nutrition and sensible eating as students dramatize the actions of body cells.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 11
[movies]The Muscle Spindle
"Shows how the electrical impulses produced by movement and tension of a muscle are transmitted to and received from the nervous system. Demonstrates the techniques for isolating a muscle spindle and keeping it alive outside the body."From 16mm film
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 20
[movies]Rice Farmers in Thailand - Public Media Incorporated
Shows the ancient ceremonies at the beginning of planting season and at harvest and demonstrates how Thailand rice farmers irrigate land to increase their harvest.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 32
[movies]Gianni Schicchi
"Looks at behind-the scenes preparations and rehearsals for a presentation of the opera Gianni Schicchi by the Music Department of The Pennsylvania State University."From 16mm film
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 12
[movies]A Film About Film Editing - Henry Cheharbakhshi; International Film Bureau
Illustrates some of the basic terms and techniques used in film editing.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 40
[movies]The Redwoods - King Screen Productions, Sierra Club of San Francisco
Surveys the future of a vanishing forest of Sequoia Sempervirens, a link to the age of the dinosaurs, a testament to nature's awesome power to create, and of man's terrible power to destroy.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 83
[movies]Can Parents Be Human? - Churchill Films
How can parents make better contact with their children? Discussion among teenagers compares ways parents frighten children with ways they make successful contact. Includes a role-play in which a father who has been distant from his son tries to come closer. From the Searching years series.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 35
[movies]Life in a Weaverbird Colony: The Village Weaverbird - Nicholas E Collias; University of California, Los Angeles.
A study of the village weaverbird's breeding behavior showing the weaving of nests by the male, territorial defense, courtship and pair formation, copulation, female behavior in lining the nest, and feeding nestlings. Includes a discussion of the development of the young and their behavior.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 36
[movies]Ranchero and Gauchos in Argentina - Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht.; Public Media Incorporated
Contrasts city and suburban life in Argentina through scenes of gauchos and ranch life, scientific farming methods, and examples of Spanish architecture and furnishings.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 25
[movies]What Are We Doing To Our Children? Part 2:Welfare and the Fatherless Family - Robert Coles; CBS News; Carousel Films
Focuses on a low-income apartment complex in Atlanta, Georgia, which houses 8,000 residents. Problems include lack of recreational and day-care facilities, drug abuse, illegitimacy, and inadequate medical care. The absence of male heads of family and the necessity for mothers to work leave children unsupervised and without adequate parental affection and discipline.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 6
[movies]Venezuela - McGraw-Hill Book Company
Presents an overall picture of Venezuela--its geography, history, natural resources, and economy. Depicts the harsh poverty-stricken life in Venezuela as well as the homes of great wealth, pointing out that the extreme contrast in wealth is due to the discovery of oil and iron ore deposits. Includes views of the modern city of Caracas.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 31
[movies]The Drama Coach Grievance - American Arbitration Association.
A film of an arbitration case from the files of the American Arbitration Association.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 22
[movies]African Soul: Music, Past and Present
"Traces the development of music from its primative origins to the 20th century; for example, pointing out the origins of the blues in the forests and savannahs of Africa. Looks at the ancient musical art of body percussion, showing how a simple drumbeat is laid down, improvised upon, and added to. From the Tell It Like It Was series."From 16mm film
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 26
[movies]Natural History of Psychotic Illness in Childhood
"Traces the gradual unfolding of the psychotic process in childhood reconstructed from three material sources: a family album of photographs, a motion picture, and and objective diary kept by the mother. Follows the patient from ages one to nine, until she is placed in Maudsley Hospital, London, where she remains for two years."From 16mm film
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 127
[movies]The Garbage Explosion - Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation
"Documents amounts and types of solid wastes, shows disposal methods, both legal and illegal, and describes the sophisticated methods for the disposal of plastics and synthetics"
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 81
[movies]Cry of the Marsh - Bill Snyder Films
Shows what is happening to the natural resources when a prairie marsh is drained. Includes scenes of the beauty of the prairie marsh and its wildlife, and of the terror involved in the process of draining the marsh and burning the grassland.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 37
[movies]Calumet, Pipe of Peace - National Science Foundation
Discusses the history, legends, uses, rituals, and origin of tobacco and pipes among the Great Plains Indians. Describes traditional methods of fashioning and decorating the pipes and the miraculous powers ascribed to the Calumet peace pipe.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 36
[movies]Hook Down, Wheels Down - U.S. Navy
Produced in the early 1970s, "Hook Down, Wheels Down" was one of the most comprehensive (and expensive) films made by the U.S. Navy. It covers the history and development of the U.S. aircraft carrier, and does so through interviews with many of the men who made it happen. While dozens of aircraft carriers are featured, it is the USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) that takes center stage -- and the material shot on her deck looks like it is right out of "Top Gun"...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 3,663
[movies]Legend of the Magic Knives - Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation.
Journeys to the place where totem poles began and where today that special art endures, passed on from generation to generation. Blends actual Indian music with authentic carved masks and totem figures to present the Legend of the magic knives.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 107
[movies]Heat and Temperature - Coronet Instructional Films
"Uses experiments to explain the difference between heat and temperature, and shows how theses quantities are measured."
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 75
[movies]Acting Is the Art
"Urban Gateways Drama Workshop, a Chicago Model Cities Leisure Time Project involving black children from the fourth and fifth grades, is designed to give children the basic tools of acting, using the definition "acting is the art of making an audience believe that real things are happening to real people." Incorporates the use of games, charades, and imaginary objects, both indoors and outdoors."From 16mm film
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 19
[movies]Langston Hughes
"Presents dramatized interpretive readings from Langston Hughes' best works. Includes a brief biography of the author's life."From 16mm film
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 13
[movies]41 for Freedom: Polaris Submarines - U.S. Government
Celebrates the launching of the nation's forty-one Polaris fleet ballistic missile submarines, the "41 for Freedom". These boats formed the nation's undersea nuclear deterrent throughout most of the Cold War. Features footage of USS Tunny (SS-282), USS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN-624), USS Lafayette (SSBN-616), USS Daniel Boone (SSBN-629), USS Mariano G. Vallejo (SSBN-658), USS Will Rogers (SSBN-659), and USS Nautilus (SSN-571)...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 949
[movies]Seapower in the Pacific - U.S. Navy
The Pacific Campaign is recounted in this post-WWII film. Beginning with the Japanese invasion of the China, the film rapidly shows the U.S. entry to the war at Pearl Harbor, and the battles that followed from Guadalcanal to the Phillipines, Marianas, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and culminating with the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by B-29s flying from island bases.
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 765
[movies]Omega - Donald Fox; Pyramid Films, inc.
An experimental film, composed almost entirely of special effects, which deals with the death and rebirth of mankind.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 109
[movies]Identifying Speech Disorders: Voice and Resonance Disorders
"Unusual voice properties may be produced by a misuse of vocal cords or an abnormality of a related physical structures. Characteristic verbalization provides information about various disorders including severe beathiness, cleft papate, esophageal voice production, hypernasality, papillomas, and postlaryngectomy therapy."From 16mm film
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 16
[movies]Piaget's Developmental Theory: Classification
"Illustrates the developmental theory of Jean Piaget using a study of the intellectual development of children and a description of the processes that characterize a child's thinking at successive stages of development. Shows children responding to tasks that highlight different mental operations essential to classification."From 16mm film
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 18
[movies]The Navajo: A Study in Cultural Contrast - Gilbert Altschul Productions ; Journal Films, inc.
"Uses scenes describing family structure, traditions, ceremonials, and art forms of the Navajo to show his strong sense of identification with the environment."
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 53
[movies]Sealab II Man in the Sea - U.S. Navy
Recounts the 1966 SeaLab II effort, involving ten aquanots who lived in a chamber beneath the sea, under seven atmospheres of pressure. The most famous of the aquanots was Scott Carpenter, who was also one of the original seven Project Mercury astronauts. Includes footage of diving bell, SeaLab I, SeaLab II, crew transfer vehicle, trained dolphins, and practice sessions to recover downed aircraft, sunken submarines and atomic bombs and other weapons.
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 473
[movies]People of the River Neretva - CRM/McGraw-Hill Films
Documents the "amphibious" way of life of the people who live on the delta of the Neretva, a small Yugoslav river. Shows the people going about their daily routine--hunting, working, maintaining their fields and striving for a better life.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 38
[movies]A Rite of Passage - John Marshall
Tilkay, a young boy of the Kalahari Desert, shoots his first wildebeest. First he tracks and finds the animal, then we see the cooking and eating of the meat, and the symbolic scarification. Filmed during an expedition in 1952/53.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 6
[movies]How Solid Is Rock? - Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation
Shows a parallel between the constant flux of the atmosphere and the hydrosphere, and the deformation and movement of the lithosphere. Points out that field evidence, confirmed by laboratory experiments, shows that underground rock can both break and flow, at the same time, when under great pressure and high temperature.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 38
[movies]Design For Manufacture - University of Illinois Visual Aids Service
"Examines the tools and processes used to make parts called for in engineering drawings and blueprints. Compares conventional vs. automatic machines"
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 74
[movies]Cruel and Unusual Punishment - CB Communicators
Questions the use of capital punishment from the viewpoint of those most closely involved: governors, execution squad members, correctional employees, and inmates. Includes footage of actual execution, showing its preparations and procedures and the effect on those performing the execution.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 65
[movies]Communicating With the Public - Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation
Secretaries, clerks, and switchboard operators are interviewed about important things to remember when dealing with the public. The three sections of the film suggest effective means of communicating by telephone, by correspondence, and in person. At the end of each segment, the viewers are offered an opportunity for discussion and comment.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 45
[movies]L'Humour Francaise - CRM Films
An overview of French humour. Interviews Pierre Danino and Rene Lefevre; discusses satirical newspapers such as Le Canard Enchaine, cartoons, and the Chansonnieres; and shows examples of movie humor. From the Ici la France series. French dialogue.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 4
[movies]American Medical Association Rebuttal To "What Price Health?" - American Medical Association.
In an interview with Frank McGee on the "Today" show, Dr. Russell B. Roth, president of the AMA, outlines objections to the NBC television special, What Price Health? (50278). Deposited by the AMA.
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 14
[movies]The Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes - National Film Board of Canada
"Surveys the geological and ecological history of the Great Lakes, accompanied by narration in ballad form. Follows a lone canoeist on a tour of the Great Lakes as he suffers through all the cataclysmic changes of lake history."
Keywords: 16mm Film; Educational Film
Downloads: 211
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